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Dallas started his career as a presenter on The Gadget Show (Channel 5) and Bang Goes the Theory (BBC1).  

He has since hosted some of the most extraordinary geographical documentary series for the BBC, including Britain beneath Your Feet, Tutankhamen: The Truth Uncovered, The Treasure Hunters, Supersized Earth, City In The Sky, Airport Live, Voyager: Beyond the Final Frontier, the Sky at Night Time and The Drake Equation: The Search for Life.  

He is also a frequent presenter on BBC4’s series Horizon Guide and Scanners on National Geographic. Dallas also presented Television’s First Night, a recreation of the first television broadcast for the 80th anniversary of BBC’s Stargazing Live(BBC2). 

More About Dallas

The show featured astronaut Tim Peake and his groundbreaking launch to the International Space Station live from Kazakhstan. The show earned Dallas a BAFTA nomination. 

Dallas has also presented Dallas Campbell’s Guide to the Impossible for the Discovery Channel and was a guest speaker on the BBC 4 Radio show Infinite Monkey Cage.

Dallas has also hosted at live events, including many roadshows with the Bang Goes The Theo...

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