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Lomas MBE

Former event horserider, Claire Lomas became paraplegic in 2007 as the result of a freak riding accident.  She has since become one of the most inspirational sports personalities, having fundraised over £500,000 and for finishing the London Marathon in 17 days using the ReWalk robotic suit. 

Claire re-wore the suit when she had the honour of lighting the Paralympic cauldron in Trafalgar Square and used it to complete the Great North Run, walking the course in 5 days, and all while 16-weeks were pregnant!

More About Claire

Claire talks about the gradual process of turning her situation around, recounts the split second that changed her life and candidly describes the darkest times. This, combined with her amazing sense of humour that has helped her get through the toughest moments caused by her injury is truly what makes Claire a remarkable person.  

Claire shares how the five best days of her life have all been after her devastating injury. Sh...

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'It was a pleasure having Claire Lomas at FutureFest; her talk was great and a highlight for many people. Claire's story is inspirational and her use of innovative technology and ambitious spirit made for a wonderful addition to the festival.'

- Josh McNorton, Festival Manager, FutureFest

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