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Christopher Howell delivers inspirational talks and workshops using magic to show how creativity is one of the most useful and rewarding skills we can cultivate in work and life.

He entertainingly demonstrates that creative and innovative thinking isn’t just something for artists. It’s something that everyone can tap into.

A certified coach and Magic Circle magician, in his fun and practical sessions Christopher teaches how to escape comfort zone behaviour and boldly make steps into fresh creative terrain.

More About Christopher

Christopher's talks and workshops explore our potential to innovate, think more creatively ‘like magicians’ and clearly communicate with our audiences. Built on his diverse creative background, he has developed interactive talks and workshops that make use of a variety of entertaining techniques to drive points home with delegates.  By the end, everyone has had a ‘lightbulb moment’ and gained essential skills.

As a magicia...

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“Delegates were extremely pleased by the presentation as it wasn’t just about fixing professional problems that sometimes seem insurmountable, but it was about how to tap into creativity in all activities of your week to be more grounded and resourceful.  Then to tap into that creative resource pool when you need to do it at work.” 


“What we experienced was far more than a masterful illusion. Christopher’s session was extremely thought-provoking in a very positive way. The surprise was that he engaged the issues at both deeply philosophical and temporal levels simultaneously… 

I was very impressed by the way he engaged the group. He did not ‘act’ in front of us; he pulled us into a world which we created together. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other organisations.”


"Christopher rose to the challenge of providing an energetic keynote after lunch for our week of UK conferences.  He met with us several weeks before our conference to craft a presentation using his magic skills that took on board our objectives and messages for the day and expressed them in an entertaining way.  

?The feedback from our delegates about Christopher's spot was positive and it added a fun and memorable element to a day that otherwise would have just been full of hard work.  It was a pleasure working with him and we highly recommend his presentations." 

- VW

“Christopher was a blast of fresh air, delivering a powerful and thought-provoking workshop which not only challenged us to think in new and innovative ways, but also gave us plenty of tips and techniques to help us apply the lessons to our business and personal lives. 

All this, while keeping the group entranced and thoroughly entertained. One of the most effective, original and enjoyable sessions I have ever experienced.” 

- Linklaters LLP

“Thank you so much for your excellent and very inspiring workshop.  You delivered everything we hoped for and more.  With such a diverse group as ours, it is often hard to please everyone but what you did was spot on - a perfect balance of entertainment, drama (how apt for us!), education and inspiration. 

The feedback that I have heard is all very positive.  (You demonstrated) how to do something slightly outside of most people’s comfort zones and highlighted what can be achieved by looking at things differently.”