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Chris Fisher RPT, also known as the Blind Woodturner, lost his sight 11 years ago, in a matter of weeks, due to a rare condition called Toxoplasmosis.

A massive life change for Chris, adjusting to being blind was like starting anew. Chris had to learn and teach himself how to do the basics all over again - such as making a sandwich or a cup of tea - as well as dealing with the onslaught of anxiety, hallucinations and muscle spasms that often accompany sight loss.

Nevertheless, Chris refused to give up and, after four years, decided to take up woodturning so that he could make himself a vampire stake – Chris is a huge horror film fan!

More About Chris

While every day is still a challenge, these challenges are what fuel Chris’ mission – to exceed the expectations of what others perceive disabled people are able to accomplish, and to prove to himself and the world that having a disability isn’t the end, it’s just a new beginning.

Chris turned his first commission in 2014, going on to become a full time self-employed woodturner in 2018.

In July 2019,...

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