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Boardman MBE

Having originally trained as a carpenter, nobody outside of the sport of cycling would have known who Chris was until 1992, when he took Great Britain's opening Gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics astride the infamous Lotus bike.

Incredibly it was Britain's first cycling Gold medal in 72 years.

The iconic image of the Lotus machine and pointy helmet made the name of Chris Boardman synonymous with cutting edge technology.

It was a fascination with innovation and performance that has featured in nearly every aspect of his life since.

More About Chris

Post cycling Chris helped set up and lead the R&D wing of the Great Britain Olympic Cycling team.

Over the next few years, the squad dominated the international scene, becoming the most successful British sporting team of all time.

The small R&D group, that came to be known as The Secret Squirrel Club, played a significant part in creating this unprecedented sporting prosperity.


During thi...

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Over the years, I have heard many talks and Keynote speeches from many sportspeople. If I'm being honest, whilst they were invariably very enjoyable, none have made a difference to my life and to my business but Chris's story is nothing less than inspirational; he shares an ordinary story from an ordinary guy achieving extraordinary results - consistently achieving personal goals and leading a team to achieve team goals. And anyone can apply these 'ordinary' things to their business. I know because it's happening for us and for our clients. If you get a chance to listen to Chris; be there.


Chris provided a very motivational session at our annual staff presentation and was not intimidated by speaking to over 350 people. The real differential to other external speakers we have used was the attention to detail - Chris spent some time analysing our business and understanding key issues which were then cleverly interwoven to his speech - something that our Managing Director fully appreciated to reinforce his key messages.

- Prupim

He was a true professional and worked hard to tailor his speech to suit the theme of the event and the audience on the day. The result was an engaging, insightful, and informative presentation that delighted the audience and delighted us as clients as his feedback scores were some of the highest we've ever seen!

- What if? Innovation

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