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Dr Simon Poole

Dr Simon Poole at Great British Speakers

Dr Simon Poole MBBS DRCOG is a Cambridge based medical doctor, author, broadcaster and commentator. He is an internationally renowned authority on nutrition and the science and application of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle, explaining and celebrating the combination of wonderful ingredients in this beautiful cuisine which can add years to life. He is an expert scientific consultant on extra virgin olive oil.

Simon Qualified as a doctor from the University of London in 1987. He has been a partner at a family medical practice in Cambridge since 1992, one of the few to be rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. He also held a position teaching at the Department of Primary Care of Cambridge University.

Other roles include working with the Clinical Governance and Commissioning as well as participating in National Health Service public health projects to include the National Cardiovascular Strategy. He is a member of Council of the highly influential US based True Health Initiative. He is also a member of the Public Health Medicine Committee and General Practitioners Committee of the British Medical Association as well as a Council member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Simon has regularly published on the subject of nutrition and lifestyle and public health in scientific journals including Nutrition and Food Science and the International Journal of Clinical Practice. In addition he has written articles for The Guardian and magazines such as Cook Vegetarian and Body Language, as well as contributing to international, radio and television appearances.

His new book The Olive Oil Diet takes a fresh and exciting look at diet, foods, cooking and health, on a gastronomic journey. The book tells the story of ingredients from around the Mediterranean – from different olive oils, mountain herbs and near eastern spices to regional vegetables and fruits, cheeses and wine, unlocking the secrets of this most healthy of diets. The book has recently been awarded the accolade of National 2017 winner in the international Gourmand Prize for food and cookery writing - which is described as the food writing equivalent of the “Oscars”. It has also won "Best in the World" Mediterranean and Best in Nation Diet Book at the prestigious International Gourmand Literary Awards.

He has worked with chefs of international repute including Francesco Mazzei, Giancarlo Caldesi, Georgio Locatelli and Valentina Harris.

Simon regularly hosts conferences and presentations revealing the secrets of the Mediterranean Diet, cooking seminars and olive oil tasting.

Conference Credits

‣ The Health & Food Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards (Malaga) 2017
‣ Food Values 2017 at the Academy of Pontifical Sciences - hosted at The Vatican, Rome
‣ Food Matters Live, London 2016
‣ The National Association of Primary Care
‣ The Royal College of General Practitioners & the International Congress of the European Society of Cardiology
‣ The Food and Drink Network
‣ The Italian Trade Commission
‣ The Fine Food Fair - OIympia
‣ The Institute of Health Sciences of the USA
‣ The Boston Common Ground Convention

Presentation Topics

Public & Corporate Events / Motivational

‣ The New Mediterranean Diet - Unlocking the Secrets for a Long and Healthy Life
‣ The Private Life of Foods - The Mediterranean Diet and Health
‣ The Real Food Revolution, Fats and the End of Dieting
‣ Making the Mediterranean Diet Work
‣ The Secrets of the Mediterranean Lifestyle /Culture 


‣ The Mediterranean Odyssey - a Journey to Health with Food
‣ Regional Specialities of the Mediterranean Diet
‣ The Mediterranean Diet - Bringing it Back Home Food Shows and Import/ Trade Events
‣ The New Mediterranean Diet - Unlocking the Secrets for a Long and Healthy Life
‣ The Olive Oil Diet - The Science of Extra Virginity and other Superfoods
‣ Cooking the New Mediterranean Diet
‣ The Mediterranean Diet in a Day - Adding Healthy Years to Life
‣ Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Old Stories, Modern Myths

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Justin Hall

With a passion for cultural and environmental issues, Justin Hall has spent much of his career producing programmes for Discovery and National Geographic.

During his first expedition in 2000, Justin was introduced to satellite and web technologies to track, chart and communicate expeditions as he journeyed among the tribes of South America.

Since then his documentaries have taken him to some of the most dangerous places around the world. He has reported on the Russian Mafia, Libyan freedom fighter, Chadian and Ukrainian mercenaries Columbian hitmen, Middle Eastern Sheiks,  high-level government officials and Somalian pirates just to name a few.

 With his passion for wildlife, Justin worked with Academy Award nominated anthropologist & director Jean Pierre Dutilleux on his Tribal Journeys series, Orangutan Rescue for which Justin was producer/cameraman. The series nominated for an Emmy Award and is broadcast on NAT GEO WILD.
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Philippa Perry

Philippa Perry psychotherapist speaker at Great British Speakers

Philippa Perry is a trained psychotherapist who worked in mental health services for many years before deciding to embark upon writing her graphic novel, Couch Fiction.  Published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2010, Couch Fiction details the true nature of the psychotherapy process. Philippa’s second book, How to Stay Sane was part of a series written for and published by the School of Life and Pan Macmillan in 2012.

Philippa is an associate of the Talk for Health organisation and writes an advice column for Red Magazine. She is also a regular contributor to the Guardian.

On television and radio, Philippa has presented numerous documentaries including, The Truth about Children Who Lie, (Radio 4, 2016), Being Bipolar (Channel 4, 2015), Truth, Lies and Loves Bites (BBC 4, 2015) and The Agony Aunt Story (BBC4 2014). She also publishes an agony aunt comic strip series on Guardian-Video. 

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Prof Bill McGuire

Broadcaster and science academic Bill McGuire is the current Professor Emeritus of Geophysical and Climate Hazards at University College London.

As a reporter, Bill hosted Disasters in Waiting and Scientists Under Pressure for BBC Radio 4 and also appeared on The End of the World Reports on Channel 5 and Sky News. He was the main contributor and consultant for the BBC Horizon films Supervolcanoes, Megatsunami - Wave of Destruction, and the BBC drama Supervolcano.

His written works include A Guide to the End of the World: Everything you Never Wanted to Know and Surviving Armageddon: Solutions for a Threatened Planet and Seven Years to Save the Planet. His book, Waking the Giant: How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes, peaked at number five in the Guardian's Top 10 eco books.

 Bill is a regular contributor to numerous magazines and national newspapers including, the Guardian, BBC Focus, The Times the Observer and New Scientist.

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Simon Mayo

Simon Mayo at Great British Speakers

Simon Mayo is a familiar voice on radio having started out on radio in 1981. Today he is the current host of BBC Radio 2’s Drivetime show, the Radio 2 Book Club and co-presents BBC Radio 5’s Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review show, alongside renowned film critic Mark Kermode. In 2008, Simon was awarded ‘Radio Broadcaster of the Year’ at the Annual Broadcasting Press Guild Award and ‘Speech Broadcaster of the Year’ at the Sony Radio Academy Awards.

His impressive résumé also includes the Radio One Breakfast Show, The Saturday Evening Show (Radio1) The Simon Mayo Show (Radio5) and The Album Chart Show (Radio 2). BBC Radio 4. He has also worked as a television presenter, hosting the National Lottery show Winning Lines (BBC1) and The Big Dig (BBC2).

Simon is also the writer of the successful children’s book series, The Itch, the suspense thriller for young adults, Blame and Confessions inspired by the hit feature from his drivetime radio show.

He is available for a range of corporate work, including public speaking, Q&A’s and awards hosting. His experience and expertise make him the perfect host for any music or film related events. Simon’s past events include Katie Melua's International Album Launch, Jacqueline Wilson’s Big Picnic Webcast and an inspiring speech on ‘what creates a good story’ at the HSS Hires Conference.

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Francesca Beauman

GBS Francesca Beauman

With an avid interest in History, Francesca is an author, actor, presenter and historian. As a student at Cambridge University, Francesca met and began working alongside fellow historian and television presenter, Ania Dykczak. In 2000 they co-wrote, produced and presented Ania, Fran and a Kettle of Fish, a 13-part comedy for Channel 5. She has since hosted a number of television shows such as Show me the Funny (2001-2) on Channel 4, Bring it On (2003-4) for BBC1 and History Heroes (2005-6) on Channel 5. Francesca also appeared as a guest panellist on Quote Unquote and Museum of Curiosity on BBC Radio 4.

Her written works include ‘The Pineapple: King of fruits’ (2005) ‘The Woman’s Book, everything but the Kitchen Sink ’ (2007) ‘Shapley Ankle Preferr’d: a History of the Lonely Hearts ad’ (2011) ‘ How to Crack and egg with One Hand: A Pocketbook for the new Mother’ (2011) and ‘How to Wear White: a Pocketbook for the Bride-to-be’ (2013). She has also composed articles for a variety of art magazines and academic journals including Cabinet, Repast and Petit Propos Culinaire. Francesca also reviews books for the New Statesman and the Literary Review.

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Dr Lucy Worsley

Lucy Worsley at Great British Speakers

Dr Lucy Worsley is a passionate historian having graduated from New College, Oxford with first class honours BA degree in Ancient and Modern History. She is currently the head curator of the Historic Royal Palaces, which include The Tower of London, Kensington Palace State Apartments and Hampton Court Palace. 

On television, Lucy has presented shows for the BBC and ITV including Six Wives With Lucy Worsley, The Women’s Institute and The Queens Garden. She is also the author of many historically influenced books, including, Cavalier: A Tale of Passion, Chivalry and Great Houses (2007), Courtiers: A Secret History of Kensington Palace (2010) and If Walls Could Talks: An Intimate History of Your Home (2011) which accompanied the television series of the same name. Lucy has also had two children’s books published, Eliza Rose (2016) and My Name is Victoria (2017). Her latest book, Jane Austen at Home, is set for release later this year.

Lucy is a confident public speaker and frequently blogs about her upcoming events on her website. Recently, she was a guest speaker for the Sandringham Women’s Institute, an event in which the Queen also attended.

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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

GBS Yasmin Alibhai Brown

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a well know journalist and political commentator specialising in multiculturalism.

She is frequently called upon for TV programmes including BBC's Question Time.

She is an accomplished public speaker

Is there such a thing as a national identity any more?

What does national identity mean in an era of multiracial culture?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is one of Britain’s most important commentators on multiculturalism: in her book "Exotic England" she describes ‘a curious nation’ that has developed thanks to its long history of immigration.

Promiscuous England

The English have been typecast as imperial snobs, rulebound, repressed, class-ridden, prejudiced – their racism cuts and scars.

But reel through their long history to now and you find they can be passionate, wanton, infinitely curious and open. More so than hot blooded Mediterranean and Eastern peoples, or the other UK tribes. Their national dish is curry and their saint is from Syria, with skin as brown as mine.

That story needs to be reclaimed and told, most of all to those who are drawn to UKIP and narrow nationalism.

Exotic England

"England," she says, "is uniquely susceptible to Eastern civilisations," In this talk Yasmin tells the hidden stories of forgotten individuals.

England is a small country, but its inhabitants have always been unusually curious about the rest of the world. From Warren Hastings, first Governor-General of Bengal, who opposed missionary activities in India, proclaiming his love for that country as being greater than that for England, to the MP Rory Stewart, who acknowledges the English are "excited by civilisations of excess, sumptuousness and high emotion..."

Her talk engagingly discusses the two-way traffic of foreign influence: the British travellers who headed off across the globe; and the waves of immigrants who settled here. Yasmin is perfectly qualified to talk about the combination of England and the East. Born in Uganda, she moved to Britain in 1972 and married, first, a fellow Ugandan Asian, and, secondly, an Englishman. In 2004, her son married a Cheshire girl in a Unitarian church in Wilmslow.

Englishmen, Alibhai-Brown reminds us, love going abroad: "They who went out to anglicise the world did so, but in the process were mystified and transformed."

Tales of My Upbringing - Love, Migration and Food

Yasmin tells the personal story of her family and the food and recipes they've shared together,

This talk tells the history of Indian migration to the UK via East Africa. Her family was part of the mass exodus from India to East Africa during the height of British imperial expansion, fleeing famine and lured by the prospect of prosperity under the empire.

In 1972, expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin, they moved to the UK, where Yasmin has made her home with an Englishman. The food she cooks now combines the traditions and tastes of her family's hybrid history.

This talks gives the audience something more than history to go away with. Imagine, Shepherd's Pie is much enhanced by sprinkling in some chilli, Victoria sponge can be enlivened by saffron and lime, and the addition of ketchup to a curry can be life-changing

Who do we think we are? Looking at Britain as it is now!

More than half a century ago there was large-scale migration of 'foreign' communities to the UK. This brought with it the excitement of new foods and music, ideas and art, and different social functions and a different sense of history.

But indigenous Britons are still grappling with the implications of how that immigration decades ago has brought about an altered British society - and Britons. Yasmin has interviewed many different people and this talk asks the difficult questions and suggests ways of interpreting the massive transformations and realities of Britain today.

In her talk she has the refreshing habit of dropping in unpalatable home truths about certain factions of the political left. "Feminists" she tells us, "need to stop regarding theirs as the only valid issue in the world".

Of anti-racist initiatives we hear that "far too many inept and furious people got into racism awareness and anti-racist training ... and did more damage than if they had left the issue untouched"

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Joe Wadsack

 GBS Joe Wadsack

Joe studied wine-making in Bordeaux and has since worked as a wine buyer and consultant for a number of leading supermarket chains. He is no stranger to television with his role as Richard and Judy’s wine expert on Channel 4 as well as his own series Great Wine Walks for UKTV’s Good Food Channel.

Flamboyant and straight talking, Joe is a recipient of the coveted International Wine and Spirit Communicator of the Year Award. He has a great palate that culminated in him becoming the youngest ever International Senior Judge at The Royal Melbourne Wine Show at 29 years old. In fact, Joe judged the Royal Melbourne Wine Show in October 2013, making him the only International Senior Judge in it's 130 year history to judge it 3 times. He was a Panel Chairman of the International Wine Challenge.

Oz Clarke describes Joe’s tasting ability as “excellent ... with an extraordinary wine tasting repertoire”.


Joe is a well known TV face serving as Richard and Judy's wine expert (Channel 4) and is the author of the Richard & Judy Wine Guide (Harper Collins). For three years Joe also appeared as The Wright Stuff’s Wine Expert (Channel 5) guiding the viewers to the month’s best buys. He was The Terry & Gaby Show's Wine Expert, and a weekly contributor to Great Food Live, UKTV's Good Food’s live lunchtime show. His own series for Good Food is still being shown - Joe Wadsack's Great Wine Walks with Kitty Johnson the daughter of the famous Hugh Johnson. Joe is also the Drinks Expert on BBC TV's 'Food and Drink' programme with host Tom Kerridge.

Writer & Journalist

Joe was the Wine Expert for the Sunday Express for many years. Joe also writes for Trade Paper Harpers and wrote monthly for Waitrose Food Illustrated and quarterly for Waitrose in Season. Joe was shortlisted in 2013 in the Roederer Awards for 'World's Best Wine' blog. Gaining a WSET Diploma Distinction in 1992, Joe also won the Viva prize and went Piedmont for a week. He was at l'Institute d'Oenologie in Bordeaux in 1991 and received a Stage 7 winemaking diploma (the equivalent today of a Postgraduate modern winemaking practices course.)


One of Joe’s most enjoyable and gratifying jobs was working as a wine consultant for Dartington Crystal in Devon, where he aided their design department in creating their hugely successful lead-crystal Wine Master glass range. The Chef’s Taster glass is still considered by many to be the finest tasting glass available today.

For the last few years Joe has acted as a consultant to various companies in the wine trade, and continues to host tastings all over the country as well as abroad. He is the regular host for the annual Tesco Wine Fairs around the British Isles.

Wine Judge

The other activity which perhaps Joe is most renowned for is being a wine judge for various international wine competitions. He is and has been a Panel Chair for ten years at The International Wine Challenge, the world’s largest blind wine tasting, and is a regular international guest judge on the Royal Australian Wine Show Circuit.

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Neil Bentley

GBS Neil Bentley

It all started back in 1991, presenting on the infamous 103.2 Power FM.  Neil held down the position of overnight host, while studying media and film at college during the day.  Certainly a tricky work life balance for a 16 year old. Once graduated, he then set upon a journey around the country to gain experience and knowledge at a variety of the UK’s best loved radio stations. Neil was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to be part of the main presenting teams at Horizon Radio, Northants 96.6FM, B97 and TFM – before landing the dream job of daytime DJ at Galaxy 105 in Leeds.

Galaxy 105 was a huge turning point in my life.. Neil's passion of dance music and radio were fused together, helping him to ride the wave of the brand and deliver record breaking audience figures.  He would regularly DJ all over the country for brands like Deja Vu & Gatecrasher as well as further afield tours in Ibiza, Miami & Tenerife and it was here that he caught the attention of the management team at 95.8 Capital FM, who gave an offer he couldn’t refuse.

In 2003 Neil became the afternoon presenter on the now legendary London station, working alongside Chris Tarrant, Jeremy Kyle & Neil Fox.  He presented in front of 100,000 people at Party In The Park, was the go to expert for entertainment stories on Sky News and remixed a top 40 hit.  This was also the time that heralded the start of his voiceover career, catching the ear of Haymarket Publishing and became one of the main live voiceover artists for awards on Park Lane – alongside Alan Dedicoat.

In 2008 Neil moved to Heart 106.2fm and was lucky enough to be given the Drivetime Show.  In an ever growing competitive market he managed to score a number 1 position, while also becoming the main cover host for Jamie Theakston on Heart Breakfast.  Neil presented alongside Emma Bunton, Gina D’Campo and Alexandra Burke and interviewed a plethora of guests including Liam Neeson, Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins.

But it was the end of 2012 that was the most pivotal moment of his career, leaving Radio behind and becoming the founding member of a boutique creative video communications agency that helps brands and events showcase themselves online.



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