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Mark R

Mark is an experienced voiceover and broadcast professional.  He has a warm, clear voice with no discernible accent and has a classic BBC style.

He was the male voice of Challenge TV for nearly a decade and British Forces Television for nearly two decades.  Mark has recently launched an exciting new national campaign for Landrover Discovery.

For commercials, narration, IVR, and corporate video, Mark is an excellent choice.  

Since the start of 2016 - Mark has become the voice German tech giant SMI for their new 3D rendering systems.  He's also one of the newscasters at Chicago's Rivet Radio, who are using British presenters (remotely) for their "Global desk" and he's back at LBC in London manning the travel centre a couple of times a month.  Mark remains the v/o presenter of "Entertainment Now" for Associated Press TV, has become the new voice of Orchard House Foods corporate videos, he's voiced the tags for the Aberto Pizza new US TV commercial and in the city, he's the voice of Deloitte and KPMG's corporate in-house training.

Mark also has Source Connect Now allowing two-way communication between your studios.
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Patrick is definitely among the more “well-established” voices in the UK.  

Having enjoyed 25 years as a newsreader and presenter on BBC Radio 2, during which time he also voiced trailers on BBC Television, he now has his own broadcast quality studio with ISDN.  He can usually achieve a fast turnaround for recorded projects.

He has been the narrator on many television documentaries, and the voiceover on hundreds of commercials, both radio and TV.  He regularly records corporate videos, for use all over the world.  He is also often in demand as the ‘Voice of God’ at Awards ceremonies.  His voice has been described as warm, authoritative, mature, friendly, deep, loud, and hard-sell – but not necessarily all at once! Tell him which qualities you need for your project…
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Jude’s voice is Northern, relatable and friendly.

Jude originally trained as an actress and you may have seen Jude in Shameless, Corrie, and array of ITV dramas and TV commercials.  For the last 6 years she has been a full time VO artist, voicing daily from her own home ISDN studio is Cheshire, and offers a quick turnaround on work, or she can voice at a studio of your choice.

She’s booked when clients are looking for a reliable, confident and a ‘joy to work with’ artist, for a  and a sound that is relatable, genuine, friendly and warm! 

Jude’s extremely proud to have worked with clients like SKY (continuity announcer), Huggies, Asda, Topps Tiles, Nissan, B&Q, 888 Ladies Bingo, and all the major radio groups like Global and Bauer.  As you shop around stores like Dunelm, Clintons, and House of Fraser you can also hear her telling you about the great offers.

Jude is available for TV, radio, corporate, narration and on hold messaging projects.

As an actress she can turn up (or down) her Northern vowels to get the perfect sound for your brand!

Jude's voice age is 30's-40's and her natural accent is Light Northern English (can do French, italian accents as well as an array of characters)

Home studio

ISDN facilities, MP3/WAV recording facilities and Skype, prima 110 codec unit, Neuman TLM 103


‘’Jude is always professional and seems to just get inside my head to deliver the exact sound I was looking for…I can be incredibly fastidious’’.

-Steve Donald (Global radio)

‘’A joy to work with, professional, reliable and fun’’

-Tom Spooner (Sky TV)

‘’A wonderful talent, popular and very conscientious’’

-Mood Media
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Peter is a full-time British voiceover with his own broadcast quality studio and was for many years a BBC news bulletin presenter, so he certainly enjoys the freedom that VO works gives him. 

"In my life, one moment, you're a straight and sober announcer of a corporate video, then you're mega-enthusiastic for a TV spot, and next you're a crazed wizard on the path of revenge in some bizarre video game." says Peter, obviously relishing the variety of work that comes in.  "VO work sure beats reading farming weather news on local radio!" 

Peter Baker's deep and resonant tones are available via and he is always up to record custom auditions for your project.

Professional voiceovers are in great demand for events, conferences, car launches and award ceremonies, adding the extra shine to the occasion, announcing speakers, linking the sections or calling award winners on stage, or needed simply to announce when it is time for a new performance or presentation to begin.   

Peter has been booked many times over the years for events such as these as a so called “Voice Of God” or VOG announcer.  Usually, he is sent a script and his studio outputs various announcements as separate files to be triggered by the events technical crew at the right moment.  

For some events, in particular award ceremonies, he is booked to physically be on a microphone behind the scenes to speak the announcements live.  The reason for this, even though it is a more expensive option, is that quite often the running schedule changes at the last minute, new announcements are required on the night, people called to come up on stage are simply not there, or fall over drunk on their way to the stage, so Peter’s background as a live radio and TV announcer / presenter comes to the fore so he can ad-lib when required or hit precise split-second timings on a live talk-over video.  Peter has also worked with unpredictable comedians on stage – in the last year this has included Jason Manford and Paddy McGuiness for the huge Virgin Media staff awards ceremonies, and they often need the “straight man” of the VOG to play against throughout the event.

VOG Demo

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