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Johny Pach

Johny Pach events host at Great British Speakers

Johny is a charismatic celebrity TV Host and presenter. A rising star from the UK, he's definitely one to watch having worked with high profile broadcasters such as BBC, FIVE, MTV and ITV.

With over 10 years of experience, Johny has a knack for bringing out the best in the famous stars he has interviewed, including Hollywood’s elite such as Angelina Jolie, Chris Pratt, Corey Feldman, Chris Rock, Daniel Radcliffe and David Hasselhoff to name a few.

His infectious personality and professional nature make Johny the perfect TV host. Johny is now back on British soil after a year working Los Angeles with the likes of FilmOn TV, producing and hosting a number of shows & voice-overs. He also produced and presented his own show Showbuzz on a luxury entertainment shopping channel through the SKY network, filmed live from Hollywood and shown in the UK.

Additionally, he hosted his own prime-time show The Spin, which was part of the EDMTV Network available on DIRECTV, PlayStationPS4, XBox; and Apple TV. Johny is now working on a number of exciting projects within the UK film industry, and in amongst all of this still manages to work full time for the Direct Response media agency he part-owns.

As a rising entrepreneur, he’s begun a new chapter of his career after being invited to present at a number of motivational and keynote speaking events within the corporate and investment field and will soon be launching his very own motivational radio show.


FilmOnTV Hollywood - TV Presenter
EDMT / Direct TV - TV Presenter
V Channel Hollywood - TV Presenter
House of Ikons Fashion Show - Live Host
Sky Living - Travel presenter
Life time TV - October film host
Direct TV - TV presenter the spin
OK! - OK! Christmas party live host
London live- Charity boxing live host
National Film awards - Online host
Sports tonight live - sports presenter
Urban music awards - Live host
Miss London pageant- Live host
Sky TV my face body - Live host

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Richard Askam

Richard Askam digital print entrepreneur at Great British Speakers

Richard Askam is an accomplished speaker and successful entrepreneur who now shares his vast experience with other organisations, and individuals, keen to succeed in our ever-changing world. 

His tailored presentations will assist any audience with both their immediate and long-term challenges. All of his work is rooted in the fundamental need for organisations – regardless of size – to sustainably grow their profits. From his own extensive experiences, and his unique observations of other UK and international businesses, he provides invaluable insights on strategy, change, and what success really means.

In his twenties, Richard realised that his family’s small chain of off-licenses was doomed by the supermarket phenomenon rapidly changing the business landscape. Using his entrepreneurial spirit, sharp judgment and understanding of future trends, Richard created a new business from the ashes of the old. Starting from scratch in a rented garage, he built one of the country’s most profitable independent wine merchants. Using success as a springboard for further innovation, and by responding to what the market needed, he created another start-up company - which became the UK’s largest personalised gift business. In less than a decade it has delivered significant profit for global brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and United Biscuits.

Richard believes passionately that success today relies on a company’s ability to interact personally with every individual client – regardless of organisational size or geographic location. Today’s customers expect this and emerging technology is vastly increasing the complexity of achieving it.His vision, attitude and ideas have helped a variety of organisations and executives that are serious about growth and development. Recent clients include Hewlett-Packard, Blackhawk Network and ESKO. Richard’s warm sense of humour and energetic presentational style often leave audiences surprised at how much of his industry secrets he shares. He talks authoritatively with a unique combination of inspiring, entertaining and motivating stories. Key topics include: developing brand strategy, customer engagement, acceptance of failure, employee development, understanding (and sometimes avoiding) new technology and, of course, how to treat your customers personally. Richard’s advice and guidance are invaluable in helping an organisation identify, understand and exploit the challenges facing business today - and tomorrow.

His recent work included his first TEDx Talk in the UK.

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Sara Damergi

Sara Damergi Property presenter host entrepreneur at Great British Speakers

Sara Damergi is one of the most recognisable faces on daytime TV. Having spent almost a decade travelling the world as well as the UK helping people change their lifestyles and homes on shows such as A Place in The Sun and Coast vs Country for Channel 4, Sara has built quite a formidable reputation in property, travel and lifestyle.

Aside from her work on Channel 4, Sara has presented The Great Big British Quiz a live quiz format for Channel 5, was the lead presenter on International extreme sports show 'The Crunch' which was filmed across remote China and was the roving, red carpet reporter for 'The Paparazzi Show' on MTV. She also fronted a long-form interview with Leigh Francis and his comedy character Extreme for the launch of a new Pringle flavour, wrote, researched, produced and presented regular online entertainment shows for ReelKandi TV and hosted a local lifestyle show County Focus.

Sara comes from a family background of property development and property finding for Arabic VIPS, has bought, sold, renovated and rented properties in the UK and is occasionally involved in helping out at her father's current project in the middle east which includes 54 flats and shops.

Sara founded and runs online Talent Directory which supports new talent breaking into TV, Film, Theatre and Modelling. Off the back of the success of Casting Now and her other Dog Walking/Sitting business, she decided to up sticks and travel the world as a digital nomad! She wrote about her experiences which included staying with tribes in rural Vietnam, an aristocratic artist in Sri Lanka, cruising in Kerala and snowboarding in Japan for online magazines and The Huffington Post. Travel and immersion in new cultures, traditions and alternative lifestyles is a passion of Sara’s as are issues in The Middle East. She recently organised a charity drop to a refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley. Plus she has access to some of Beirut's most influential politicians and her father is now an advisor to the Prime Minister of Lebanon.

In February 2018, Sara launched 'The Veganuary Campaign' hosting a vegan fair in Frome, Somerset. The fair offered visitors the opportunity to explore plant-based living, selling items including vegan cheese, chocolate and clothes. As a vegan herself Sara stated; "2018 is set to be the biggest year yet for the vegan movement.'

Corporate Work:

Away from the broadcast environment recent corporate projects include... 

- The Veganuary online campaign, which was a viral social media video campaign.

- Opened Fromes first-ever Vegan fair (2000 K audience)

- Natwest bank internal corporate video - Presenter

- Regular corporate web presenter host for a variety of business

- Presenter for a promotional video for The Royal Mint

- Presenter for a corporate promotional video for The Marriot - Sprowston Manor

- Pringles - Xtreme presenter for a viral video shoot with Leigh Francis.

- UMA's -Award Presenter for The Orb (6000k audience)

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Caspar Craven

Caspar Craven entrepreneur adventurer speaker at Great British Speakers

Caspar believes in challenging conventional thinking on how leaders and teams become truly effective and create extraordinary results.

He’s been building winning teams since 1986 and making things happen both in business and on adventures.

He’s sailed twice around the world. The first time on what was called the Worlds Toughest Yacht Race and the second time with his wife and three children aged just 9, 7 and 2.

He’s built multiple successful ventures and sold one for a 7 figure sum whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean.

Bloomsbury will be launching his book, Where the Magic Happens in May 2018 telling the story of how and his family challenged all normal thinking to transform their lives and sail around the world as a family team.

Buy it on Amazon HERE

Caspar Craven motivational inspirational teamwork performance speaker at Great British Speakers

Keynote topics

Speaking Topic 1 - Charting Success - 8 Steps to Navigating a Winning Team

Businesses fail because the teams and people don't work together effectively to respond to the situations they are faced with.
Success in business in the current uncertain and changing environment demands that your team is working in harmony to harness all your collected talents and to succeed.
There is an African saying, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." This talk emphasises the power of "we" rather than "me" and how you can achieve more together.

Speaking Topic 2 - Responsible or Irresponsible - How to manage risk in life and business

We live in one of the most exciting and at the same time challenging times. The speed of change means we need to think about risk in a different way and how we adapt to change.
Caspar is no stranger to evaluating and managing risk having made the decision to sail around the world for two years with his wife and three young children aged 9, 7 and 2.
In this provocative and engaging talk, Caspar shares his approach to managing risk and gives you a framework that you can take away and use in your business and life.

Speaking Topic 3 - Executional Excellence. How to move from idea to outcome.

It’s like a broken record. Every company talks about vision, mission, values and talks in corporate BS about what needs to be done. All meetings. All talk. Small focus on what’s really important. Indecision. Inertia.
The reality is that success is all about getting into it and getting things done.
This topic brings a contrarian approach on how you can move from talking about things and creating the outcomes and results that you want in your business.

Speaking Topic 4 - How to Transform Culture in your Business

Values, culture and behaviours. Virtually guaranteed to raise eyebrows and cynicism inside most organisations. It’s common place that at best lip service is paid to this and at its worst downright cynicism.
To be successful in business today demands a fresh approach. Having the right culture, behaviours and mindset is absolutely at the heart of this and can be the cornerstone of your success.

Your Takeaways after spending time with Caspar

You and your team will leave with inspiration, energy and practical ideas that you can implement immediately to generate instant impact in your business;
New ways to uncover and harness hidden skills in your team and getting people to play to their strengths;
Specific steps you can take on how to make things happen and move from ideas and planning to creating a winning outcome;
Techniques on how to shape a team that can respond positively to adversity and deal with the uncertainty and challenges that business throws at you;
Fresh ways to drive innovation into your business.

What the clients say:

“I saw Caspar address an audience of over 800 people. He had them engaged, telling his story with purpose, vulnerability, humour and humility. Highly recommended for any business looking to grow its leadership teams.”

Mark Waite – CEO, Cohesive Communications

“He tells a great story of team building which is highly motivational.”

Kelley Bowles – Customer Success, Salesforce

“I have never heard so much positive feedback from our teachers regarding a presentation.”

Stefan Anderson - Principal at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts

His ability to catch and keep the audience’s attention throughout the speech was magnificent.
He went far beyond my expectations.

Vadims Koroļovs - Finance Director at Antalis

See Caspar's 2018 showreel... 

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Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton property expert at Great British Speakers

Laura Hamilton is a best known as one of the faces of Channel 4's popular television show 'A Place in the Sun'. She loves to travel and has hands-on experience when it comes to property. She started renovating houses aged 19, and has developed 16 properties to date. In 2013, she presented 'Beat my Build' for Channel 4 which saw participants renovating their projects and competing against each other to win a cash prize. She has also presented 'Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs' for Channel 5.

One thing's for sure, Laura seldom relaxes. She thrives on being a busy working Mum to her children Rocco and Tahlia, and in April 2017, Laura and her husband Alex opened 'Lord Roberts on The Green', a Coffee Shop, Deli and Post Office which has become a popular spot in their local area. Setting up a food business and new brand from scratch was a certainly a big learning adventure!  

Laura loves to keep fit and in 2016 she released her first fitness app 'Laura Hamilton's Total Body Workout' which is available on the iPhone & Android. She presented the action-adventure show 'Fort Boyard' for ITV for 5 series and is always keen to take on a physical challenge. In 2014 she took part in the first series of 'The Jump' (just four weeks after the birth of her first son), and in 2011 Laura was crowned runner-up of the popular ITV series 'Dancing on Ice' where she wowed audiences with her headbanger.

A keen writer, Laura regularly writes and provides video content for 'Hello!' magazine. She is also a travel writer for 'The Mail on Sunday' ,'A Place in the Sun' magazine and several other national publications. Having travelled with both of her children around the world since they were 4 weeks old, she is an expert when it comes to travelling with little ones!

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Christian Howes

Christian Howes marketing tech speaker at Great British Speakers

Christian Howes is currently the marketing practice lead for Accenture Interactive, providing expertise for some of the largest brands in the world. Christian has nearly 20 years of digital marketing experience and has helped some of the biggest brands in the world grow and use data in innovative ways.

He is also a professional conference speaker as well as appearing regularly on TV shows such as Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Big Brother, BT Sporthub and The Clare Balding Show where Christian creates and presents data based content.

Christian also is co-owner of a format and ideas company that specialises in creating data-based TV formats and is currently writing a show for the next Edinburgh fringe festival.

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Dr Lynda Shaw

Dr Lynda Shaw neuroscientist psychologist entrepreneur speaker at Great British Speakers

Lynda is a cognitive neuroscientist and business psychologist and works with senior leaders and their teams who want to better understand emotional responses of clients and colleagues and harness this power to improve business culture, unite managerial teams, ensure employee job satisfaction and turn fear and stress into profit and loyalty. Together this is achieved through consultation, workshops, coaching, group mentoring and keynote presentations.

She is an experienced entrepreneur having owned 3 businesses including a health club with 2000 members and 20 staff. She is also a business psychologist and holds a doctorate in neuroscience, specialising in unconscious processing of emotion and communication. She works with senior leaders and their teams who want to better understand emotional responses of clients and colleagues and harness this power to increase business growth and dramatically improve communication and long term business relationships. She is a professional speaker, consultant, mentor and author and spends her time helping ambitious business people use emotion in their sales, marketing and all forms of communication. A regular Forbes blogger, her work takes her from summits to cruise ships, from conferences to schools, from multinationals to SMEs. Highly popular with a practical and fun approach.

Dr Lynda Shaw is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker and has spoken at events and conferences across the UK.

A regular presenter, Dr Lynda Shaw is a cognitive neuroscientist, registered chartered psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association, a Forbes contributor as well as an entrepreneur and author of adult and children’s books.
  • Founded and operated three successful businesses with a number of staff to manage, Dr Shaw understands first-hand how expensive and challenging a workforce can be.
  • PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and Business Improvement Strategist.
  • Lectured in Psychology and Neuroscience at Brunel University
  • Conducted research on brain function and impairment, specialising in consciousness, emotion and the effects of ageing.
  • A hugely popular speaker with an innovative, practical and immediately applicable approach. Offers insight into a variety of relevant and often controversial issues.
  • Founder of Community Mix Up, a not-for profit making initiative to encourage people to socialise with the lonely and isolated
  • Charity work, including voluntary social work for the elderly, and has worked on committees for the NSPCC and RNLI and as an ambassador for The Children’s Society and Progeria.
  • Adventure traveler in all seven continents.


Lynda offers a bespoke service within her subject areas. However she has 4 core talks which can also be adapted if required.

The Triple Brain Effect - From Prospect to Customer to Unpaid Salesforce

The Pleasure Umbrella - Optimum Communication Using Emotion, and It's Fun

PCD - How to Improve Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Decision Making

How to Be More Influential in Times Of Uncertainty

Hear Lynda talk Greed Generosity and Grey Matter at a TEDx Talk in Milton Keynes... 

What the clients say:

Dr Shaw’s insights into the behavioural and emotional factors we all experience are fascinating as well as a fresh and new. Her interactive training techniques have helped equip SOLLA advisers to explore the way they communicate and become more effective .....

Jane Finnerty Jt Chair SOLLA

Lynda Shaw is an incredible inspiring woman with a true passion for her subject which clearly shows in her presentation. She is lively, funny and gives some clear views on an otherwise complicated subject leaving you wanting to hear more. Knowing how your brain works and what you need to do in order to make the best of it is quite incredible. Our delegates loved Lynda’s presentation and scored her very high marks. Lynda also showed us some very interesting ‘content’ in our brains. I can truly recommend Lynda to any organisation.

Anne-Marie Lose, Membership & Events Director, Customer Service Training Network.

Lynda’s presentation to our group was both original and thoroughly relevant, encouraging and empowering our employees to better engage with themselves and our customers through simple but highly effective, common-sense techniques.

Chris Houfe, Sales Director, The Great British Card Company

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Kunle Barker

Kunle Barker property expert speaker at Great British Speakers 2018

TV presenter on ITV ‘Love Your Home & Garden’, Property Expert, Problem Solver, and Social Entrepreneur. Kunle began his business career whilst studying for an MA at the University of Leeds.

Kunle has set up several successful companies including Illustrious Homes an award winning Construction and Design Management Company.

To date, the company has delivered over 8000 residential refurbishments, 120 Schools and 3 sports centre refits as well as countless private renovations. Kunle has also worked on many high-end projects such as the recently completed £100m West Hampstead Square development.

Kunle was also asked to deliver the high profile renovation on the military rehabilitation unit at Headley Court in Surrey which was opened by HRH Prince of Wales.

Kunle Barker Property expert speaker presenter from Great British Speakers 2017

Kunle co-presented the ITV1  ‘Love Your Home and Garden’ working alongside Alan Titchmarsh

A committed social entrepreneur many of Kunle’s businesses offer opportunities for local residents to retrain and find new career paths. Kunle was personally commended by government leaders for his efforts to affect the lives of Londoners in a positive way.

Kunle is also a keen fundraiser for the homeless charity, CRASH, Kunle has raised over £15,000 for the charity running several marathons, triathlons, and even trekking to Everest Base Camp for good causes.

He is available for presenting, hosting and speaking assignments.

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Lady Michelle Mone, OBE

Lady Michelle Mone OBE entrepreneur motivational speaker at Great British Speakers

Lady (Michelle) Mone, Baroness of Mayfair OBE, is one of the most sought-after inspirational speakers of our time. Recently voted the UK’s Number 1 Woman speaker, she is best renowned as one of Britain’s most influential ladies; both an entrepreneur and an advocate for equality for women in business.

Founder of Ultimo Brands International, the UK’s leading lingerie brand for the last two decades, she set out with a vision of helping women look and feel their very best. It was upon that simple concept Baroness Mone built her career and influence, being honoured with a Life Peerage to the House of Lords by the Prime Minister and an OBE from Her Majesty the Queen for her outstanding contributions to the business.

Baroness Mone grew up in the impoverished East End of Glasgow when, at the age of fifteen, her father fell ill and was subsequently declared paraplegic and wheelchair bound for life. This forced Michelle to leave school without any qualifications in search of full-time employment, sparking her instinct for entrepreneurship. At the age of just 22, she excelled herself to Head of Sales and Marketing in Scotland for the Glasgow-based Labatt’s Brewers, however, was made redundant after two short years.

In 1996, after only six weeks out of work, Michelle was at a dinner dance wearing a very uncomfortable cleavage enhancing bra. It was here the Baroness had an epiphany on what the lingerie industry was missing, and the world famous Ultimo bra was born.

After the launch of Ultimo, Michelle quickly established herself as one of Scotland’s finest exports, winning the World Young Business Achiever Award in 2000 at the Epcot Centre in Florida, as well as Business Woman of the Year at the Corporate Elite Awards in London. Her status as one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs was confirmed soon after when Prince Charles invited her to join the board of Directors for The Prince’s Trust.

In October 2005, Michelle attended a speaking event with former US president Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, leading to her involvement in setting up the Women’s Enterprise Project in the Middle East in support of The Sultan of Oman. It was then she began to realise that her experiences and wisdom could transform lives and inspire others in the face of adversity.

Michelle Mone OBE entrepreneur inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers

Despite facing a challenging few years in her private life, suffering an acrimonious divorce and battle to retain her business, Michelle is now one of the United Kingdom’s most notable global speakers. The Baroness has inspired, coached and mentored audiences and individuals in over 50 countries over the last two decades. This culminated in her being given her Life Peerage in 2015, then being asked by the Prime Minister David Cameron and the former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, to conduct The Mone Review; an insight into helping start-up businesses in deprived areas.

Toward the end of 2016, the proud mother of Rebecca, Declan and Bethany proceeded to sell Ultimo to global lingerie giants MAS Holdings - one of the world’s largest manufacturers of intimates, with a $1.4 billion turnover and 63,000 employees. And after officially handing her UTAN business over to her eldest daughter Rebecca at the start of 2017, Michelle has decided to focus on her speaking, mentoring as well as her love of design.

Having already established herself as the leading jewellery designer on QVC, Michelle proceeded to launch a global interior design business through which she is already heavily involved in the development of two residential and commercial towers in Dubai. Alongside these ventures and her continued investment in technology businesses, Michelle is also looking to broaden her reach through an exciting new initiative which is currently in development with the view of supporting the empowerment of women.

Michelle continues her work with the House of Lords and as start-up business Tsar for the UK government.

Speaking Topics





Female Empowerment

Branding, Marketing & PR

Latest topics:

Architectural Interior Design

Crypto Currency

Property Development

Tech Investment

Clients: Include HSBC, Virgin, M+S, Bentley and British Airways.

What the clients say:

Michelle was very open and honest about the highs and lows in her life. It was refreshing – so down to earth

Marks and Spencer

I would like to pass on my thanks to Michelle for a truly memorable day on Friday. Michelle scored 10 out of 10 across the board for her keynote speech; she was captivating, moving, honest, heart-warming, inspiring, funny, and more! The audience absolutely adored her and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with on the day. Thanks again

Estate Agency of the Year Awards

Thank you! Every student was so very very impressed. I would say Michelle was the best speaker we have ever had. Everything that she mentioned was a personal story of her commitment, ambition and drive. Very inspirational to all the students.

Claire Laws BPP Law School

Michelle was truly inspirational, and the feedback from 100's of people that attended have been exceptional. 5 star in all areas. Genuine, funny and motivational... No doubt that Michelle is now a role model to a lot more people! We can not wait to get her back

UK Managing Director Action Coach

The talk given by Lady Michelle Mone at the National Achiever’s Conference in Dubai was exceptional. Being both entertaining and inspiring, Lady Mone is undoubtedly a brilliant spokesperson for female entrepreneurs globally. Her unwavering focus, vision and determination establishes her as a leading example for the empowerment of women

Her Highness Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, United Arab Emirates

Lady Mone was truly a delightful guest speaker at our recent business conference Routes to Growth; she used her own time to interact with our guests, effortlessly whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Her presentation was extremely personal, documenting how her life has intertwined with her business endeavours and captured the heart of her tremendous success story. She enthralled the crowd with her raw honesty and quick wit and provided some true inspiration that lifted the energy of the entire conference

Sarah Frostick, UK Marketing Cathay Pacific

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Martin Raymond

Martyn Raymond future trend speaker at Great British Speakers

Martin Raymond is the co-founder and Futures Director of The Future Laboratory, a UK-based consumer insight, trend forecasting and brand strategy agency. Clients include American Express, Louis Vuitton, Laurent-Perrier, Absolut, BMW, Lamborghini, Selfridges, British Airways, Procter & Gamble, Marks & Spencer, Standard Life Bank, HSBC and Condé Nast.

He is also Editor-in-chief of Viewpoint magazine, bi-annual trends, intelligence, consumer research and forecasting journal, and co-founder and editor-in-chief of LS:N Global, the online lifestyle news and consumer insight portal.

Martin has written several books, including CrEATe (Gestalten) and The Tomorrow People: Future consumers and how to read them today (Financial Times/Prentice Hall). The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook (Laurence King), is the definitive work on trends and the trend forecasting arena.

Martin is a regular media commentator on trends, consumer research and new business for the BBC, the BBC World Service programme Culture Shock, Channel 4 and ITV.

Born in Ireland, he moved to the UK in 1984 to work as a journalist in the design, fashion, film and video sectors. He founded VideoGraphic and later became an associate editor at Screen International. Martin went on to edit and re-launch Fashion Weekly, the UK’s fashion business bible. A return to his native Dublin in the 90s to present RTÉ television’s fashion magazine programme Head To Toe was followed by a four-year tenure at the London College of Fashion, as the senior lecturer in fashion journalism. Martin has lectured at numerous colleges and universities throughout Great Britain and Ireland. He is also a contributing editor for Wired UK, and a fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Science (RSA).

The Future Laboratory

The Company was established in November 2001 and is recognised for its innovative approach to forecasting, using ethnographic research tools and a creative, qualitative outlook to help programmers, brands retailers, designers and marketing departments gain better insights into market directions and future products. It also offers lifestyle analysis, brand development and consumer network building. The company aims to provide inspirational, thought-provoking presentations which will ignite, invigorate and provoke debate; these are supported by documentation and additional material which are designed to have more general usage. Martin works across consumer insight, trend forecasting and brand strategy for the company's extensive global roster of conferences, media events and in-house briefings. Clients include Louis Vuitton, Design Hotels, the Ministry for Tourism, Australia, and Women's Wear Daily's CEO Summits.


An award-winning, internationally renowned bi-annual trends, ideas, brands, and consumer forecasting journal, Viewpoint magazine is one of a number of publications, reports and Trend Briefing seminars edited or produced by the Future Laboratory team and its 2,500-strong network of global creatives, academics, designers, architects, marketers, and fashion, lifestyle and interiors analysts. 

TV Credits

The Confidence Lab BBC 2
Life of Versace C4
Richard & Judy C4
EastEnders Revealed BBC Three
Film 2002 - Bond’ BBC1
Clinton & Monica Documentary C4
Looking Good BBC 2
Vanessa BBC 1
Style Challenge BBC 1
Face Value BBC 1
GMTV - Lorraine Kelly ITV’
Cheap Chic UK Living
Living it Up UK Living
The Living Room UK Living
Julia Carling Show Granada Breeze
Afternoon Live Carlton TV
Desire Channel 4
Head to Toe RTE
European Business News
BBC News 24

Clients include:

BMW, Cadillac, Condé Nast Media, Microsoft, Unilever, British Gas, Marks & Spencer, HSBC, Zurich, American Express, Louis Vuitton, Design Hotels, Innocent, Boots, Chanel, The Body Shop, Estée Lauder, Selfridges, Woolworths South Africa, The Ministry for Tourism, Australia, 

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