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Ex Fighter pilot Mandy takes off with Great British Speakers...

Mandy Hickson ex fighter pilot leadership motivational speaker at Great British Speakers

Mandy Hickson was the only female pilot on her Front Line Tornado Squadron for the Royal Air Force. 

Mandy now shares her experiences of working within an elite team of fast jet operators, to audiences with great clarity and humour, outlining how the same values apply within any environment.

She demonstrates only too well the importance of remaining calm under pressure and leading, quite literally, from the front, in order to get the best from herself and her team.

Her keynote topics include:

Business Speaker:

Challenging times require an exceptional corporate response. So how do you motivate and inspire your staff to demonstrate outstanding leadership and teamwork under pressure; to stride confidently towards purposeful goals and maintain focus despite great risks? These critical success factors are clearly demonstrated by Mandy Hickson’s unique experiences of flying in a Front Line Tornado Squadron within hostile environments. Mandy is supporting an increasing number of organisations as a keynote or motivational speaker.

Tailored to be relevant to your organisation, her main themes are;

• The building and empowerment of effective teams

• Inspired goal setting and ultimate focus

• Decision-making under extreme pressure

• Maintaining momentum despite losing top talent

• Nurturing a culture of self-confidence and aspiration

Women In Business:

Without a doubt most women face some tough challenges in their working lives:

• Maintaining that essential work/life balance in a demanding environment

• Overcoming innate risk avoidance tendencies

• A wavering of confidence and self-belief

• Amazingly, still having to break through the glass ceiling. 

If you would like to inspire women in your organisation or membership, Mandy will work with you to create a unique and memorable event that may just help them write their own success stories.

You can check out some of Mandy's incredible work in the video below - and if you would like to book Mandy for your event as a keynote or motivational speaker, then contact Jane or Steve on 01753 439 289 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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