Putting the TEA into TEAm Building with Jane Malyon!

Strengthen relationships within your team in one fun, fascinating, challenging and delicious session!

Jane works with companies that want great communication skills and engagement.

Whilst also enjoying the treats, this very interactive event motivates the group to develop their strengths, collaborate and find new ways to communicate, using each element of the Afternoon Tea experience as the guiding inspiration.
An inspirational behaviour-changing opportunity - not just a piece of cake!
It's ideal for Teambuilding, Customer Care, Staff & Customer Incentives, Away Days, Venues own events.

Afternoon TEAmbuilding events with Jane Malyon at Great British Speakers

About Jane

Jane has been an entertaining Speaker for years. Her parents said she was a perfect baby until she learned to talk - and she hasn't stopped since. Jane is also the author of three books and an entrepreneur, keen to encourage others to Play Nicely in business - and other women to embark on business adventures to fulfil their potential.

She runs The English Cream Tea Company based in Essex, UK along with the famous 'Scone Gnomes' who freshly prepare and send out afternoon tea-related gifts worldwide.

They run The Secret Sconery events venue and tea room - and also gained the Guinness World Record for the largest tea party.  Her company has their own range of teas, preserves and more.

Her background includes 20 years as a Communications Skills Trainer helping teams and individuals to connect and get on better.

You can find out more about Jane and her talks on her Bio page

Jane is more than qualified to create this Afternoon tea event for you - she is a Guinness World Record holder for the largest English Cream Tea Party - featured in the 2013 album.  Plus, Jane has lectured and trained on etiquette and history in Fortnum and Mason’s and also international top hotels and establishments.

The currency of courtesy Jane Malyon Keynote Speaker at Great British Speakers

She also gives keynote talks to business conferences about transferring teatime etiquette into business harmony and customer care.

Janes Afternoon TEAmbuilding covers...

Fancy A Cuppa?

How do you like yours? This exercise gets the group finding out something unique about each other. Can even include bespoke tea blending from finest loose leaf ingredients.

Using the Tea Strainer

Remembering to filter communication too. Learning to critique with kindness. Words to use, words not to use!

One Lump or Two?

Learn how to sweeten the deal and provide added extras that delight.

Cucumber Sandwich, m'dear?

Historically, a symbol of one-up-manship, now the sandwich platter represents sharing and inclusivity.

After you? No, after you!

Consideration and working as a team. Is there a hierarchy in your team? Is your social structure working well?

Cream or Jam first?

Appreciating that your way is not the only way! Trying on other people's perspectives!

The Power of Being Noticed

Constructive praise and thanks creating motivation and energy in your whole team.


Afternoon Staff TEAmbuilding events with Jane Malyon at Great British Speakers

Putting the TEA in Team Building:

In the UK, Jane can provide a fun combination of  Afternoon Tea and Etiquette Testing (to see if you are Palace ready!) for a great session of Team Building. In other countries, you'll need to provide the Afternoon Tea!

  • Learn how simple acts of etiquette translate into conflict resolution and harmony
  • Master the skill of building rapport
  • Become more polished and professional
See Jane's top ten Afternoon tips...

What are the takeaways of Jane's afternoon tea sessions?

* Better communication and rapport within teams, the company and with clients

* A desire to raise your game in terms of relationships and interaction

* Awareness of the effects of your actions and words on others

* More acts of kindness. More smiles!

* Engagement and staff retention


Business IS personal!  Everything is.  Put the kettle on and let's make every communication count!