Enter 'The Success Factory' of Graham Wilson

Described as the UK’s #1 Leadership Trainer, Graham has inspired over 65,000 people from nearly every major blue chip company around to better results.

So many organisations are struggling to deliver at the pace required in today’s fast-paced, complex and volatile world. Driven mostly by technological progress and global integration, the speed of everything is going up and up, and this is now demanding that we run organisations in a different way.

It’s like someone has changed the rules of how you thrive in business. The problem is that too many organisations are not agile enough and are over managed and under led. This leads to many people being unhappy in the workplace. People who are too stressed, really tired and overwhelmed to perform at their best. They are just surviving!

Added to this is the natural tendency of leaders starting to micromanaging, over directing, putting more controls, policies and procedures in place when the results don’t come in. Trust levels fall, complexity rises and performance dives. The tragedy is that the best people leave and the ones who need to go stay!

The Successfactory™ team of revolutionaries are here to support you in changing that.

There is a better way as these companies found out:

Coca Cola, Bentley, Crown Paints, B&Q, Samsung, Specsavers, O2, BUPA,BT, Airbus, Costa Coffee, Unilever, ASDA, Johnson & Johnson, DHL, Landrover, M&S, Santander, Boots, Kellogs, Barclays, Moneysupermarket, Vauxhall, KPMG, Dairy Crest, AEG, Bank of America, Office Depot, Frankie & Benny's, Arcadia Group, BA, Arup, EON, Wickes, NHS, Tetra-Pak, and Fujitsu.

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