David Wilson

David Wilson criminologist at Great Bitish Speakers

As a Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University and as the Director of the University’s Centre for Criminal Justice Policy and Research, David Wilson is an expert when it comes to understanding the criminal mind. David began his career as part of a team put together to design and run two units to hold some of Britain’s most disturbing prisoners.

David has reported on some of the country’s most high profile murder cases, including Meredith Kercher and Raoul Moat for Sky NewsandTonight with Trevor McDonald. He also appeared as the Borstal Governor in ITV’s Bring Back Borstal and currently presents Killer Psychopathson Channel 5 which was viewed by an audience of 1.3 million when it first broadcast.

In 2016, David moderated the sellout show 'Making a Murderer' at the London Palladium hosted the Channel 4 documentary, 'Interview with a Murderer.' The documentary went on to win Best Documentary at the Broadcast Awards 2017 and Royal Society of Television Awards.

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