Event Hosts, Facilitators, Presenters & Moderators

We consider it our responsibility to ensure that our event hosts are fully informed, prepared and aligned with our client's expectations.  You won’t be alone in briefing them – we’re here to work alongside you every step of the way.  Our event hosts are professionals, all with untarnished reputations for holding and engaging any audience – from the first second to the very last. Expect them to be genuinely receptive to your delegates, guests and colleagues, enhancing any event, whether it be in front of thousands or just your select few.  Also we continue working hard to secure new talent and ensure that our lists include top notch hosts experienced in a variety of subject matter including awards, sport, beauty, business, media, travel…you name it, we have the perfect speaker for you.  When searching don’t worry if you don’t spot them on our primary list – we have an exhaustive list, that’s the tip of our iceberg!  

Here you can meet our professional Event Hosts.  You can create a shortlist of your favourites and share them with your colleagues and clients by clicking here.  Once you have made your selection or you need help finding the right artist then contact Jane who will happily source an artist for your project.